The Periphery, 2013

Distoria's debut EP is available everywhere:

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"Exploding with the catchy sounds of melodic pop rock."

Piano rock trio Distoria spent months honing their catalogue of music into 5 cohesive songs before releasing their debut EP "The Periphery." Seven tracks total, the EP includes an introduction and a bonus track that are only available when purchasing the entire EP. With the support of their Kickstarter backers, they were able to create an album that reflects the sound they had developed over several years of playing together. Tim Lykins' acoustic drums and an 1875 Steinway grand piano played by Helena Martin drive the sound of the album, with Mor Mezrich weaving electronics and fuzzy bass guitar into this solidly acoustic base. Helena's vocal tracks are dry with a tinge of distortion, with "engaging lyrics" and "a chilling mix of anger and empathy" (Hot Indie Media).  


The Periphery Credits

released 15 October 2013 Tim Lykins | Drums, Percussion, Alesis® Controlpad Helena Martin | Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Novation® Launch Pad Mor Mezrich | Bass, Sound Design, MIDI Controllers, Ableton® Live All songs written by Helena Martin Produced by Distoria Recorded and Mixed by Mor Mezrich at Flux Studios, The Buddy Project, Ears and Gears Recording, and IDC Sound. Assistant Engineer at Flux | Dan Cherouny Mastered by Roman Vail at Joe Lambert Mastering Cover photo © Alan Friedman | For publishing rights and to contact management, please email mgmt at distoriamusic dot com. Executive Producers: Nick Tyler, Ruth Martin, Bill Held Jr, Jonna Christine Held Special thanks to: Ryan Fagman at IDC Sound | Kieran Kelly at The Buddy Project | Daniel Sanint, Hakim Callier, Fabrice "Fab" Dupont, and the crew at Flux Studios | Jessica Ostroff | Our amazing 59 Kickstarter backers | Our endlessly supportive fans!

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