Lift Point, 2015

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"An excellent bit of piano rock." -Baeble

Distoria released the "Lift Point" single in summer 2015 as a followup to their "Dark White" single. The song shows a softer side of the female-fronted, electro-rock trio. With gentler, more melodic vocals and a tightly enmeshed drum/bass footing, "Lift Point" takes the listener through a bleary-eyed night and the angst of living in a major city without escape. "It is beautiful," writes Baeble's Managing Editor Don Saas, "But there's enough of an edge to keep it planted firmly in rock & roll." Helena Martin "has one of those voices that can fill a stadium but still be intimate enough to feel she is singing directly to you," says AudioFuzz. Distoria's electronic edge, subtle in this song but ever-present, maintains their hold on the rock sound. They continue to prove that music does not need a distorted electric guitar to rock hard. "Lift Point" is available on Soundcloud now and will be released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc soon. "Lift Point" single by Distoria, 2015

Lift Point Credits

released 06 June 2015 Helena Martin | Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Novation® Launch Pad Mor Mezrich | Bass, Sound Design, MIDI Controllers, Ableton® Live Cody Rahn | Drums, Percussion, Alesis® Controlpad All songs written by Helena Martin Produced by Distoria Recorded and Mixed by Mor Mezrich at Seaside Lounge, A Bloody Good Record, and Ears and Gears Recording Assistant Engineer at Seaside | Ben Cohen Mastered by Fred Kevorkian For publishing rights and to contact management, please email mgmt at distoriamusic dot com. Special thanks to: Tim Lykins | Julia Martinez | Charles Burst at Seaside Lounge | Mark Law at A Bloody Good Record | Our endlessly supportive fans!

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