Dark White, 2015

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"An arresting piece of electro-rock construction that begs to be seen live." -GroundSounds

Distoria's first follow-up release after their debut EP The Periphery is a sprawling single called "Dark White." This song is a direct answer to a particularly troubling and vivid dream: crumbling, crushed pianos with their wires coiling around wrists, bloodstreams replaced by words, choking on air... The intense vocals and heavy, distorted instruments serve to pull the listener into this unknowable and lonely place where dreams are real and the future looms ominous. This hard rock song uses no electric guitar, with Distoria choosing instead to create the soundscape with distorted electric bass, acoustic piano and drums, and electronic sounds produced in Albeton Live. "How Distoria pulls it all off," Jon Berrien writes, "I have no idea" During the recording process, Helena was recovering from major wrist surgery. She tracked her piano, MIDI, and organ parts with only her left hand while holding her (dominant) splinted right hand above shoulder height to reduce the pain and swelling. Distoria's "Dark White" single (2015)

Dark White Credits

released 02 May 2015 Helena Martin | Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Novation® Launch Pad Mor Mezrich | Bass, Sound Design, MIDI Controllers, Ableton® Live Cody Rahn | Drums, Percussion, Alesis® Controlpad All songs written by Helena Martin Produced by Distoria Recorded and Mixed by Mor Mezrich at Seaside Lounge, A Bloody Good Record, and Ears and Gears Recording Assistant Engineer at Seaside | Ben Cohen Mastered by Fred Kevorkian For publishing rights and to contact management, please email mgmt at distoriamusic dot com. Special thanks to: Tim Lykins | Julia Martinez | Charles Burst at Seaside Lounge | Mark Law at A Bloody Good Record | Our endlessly supportive fans!

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