• Mor Mezrich of Distoria at BOMB Fest, Photo by Scott Bradley

    piano . pop . rock

  • Helena Martin of piano rock band Distoria

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Stream and download Distoria's originals from your favorite music vendor (more information below). Or check out Distoria's electro-rock cover of Skrillex/Diplo's "Where Are Ü Now feat. Justin Bieber".

"Dark White" by Distoria 2015
Distoria's "Lift Point" single (2015) Distoria's "Dark White" single (2015) Distoria's debut The Periphery EP (2013)
"Lift Point" single 2015 "Dark White" single 2015 The Periphery EP 2013

"... a soundtrack to New York's beating heart."

- Hot Indie Media

Meet the Band

Distoria's 2015 singles "Dark White" and "Lift Point" were a poignant follow-up to their debut EP. In 2012, the band had launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for their debut EP entitled The Periphery.

  • Distoria

    The Band

    Distoria experiments with electronics and strives to raise the level of their live performance at every performance. Their "palpable live energy" is infectious at shows, and their electro-rock music leaves people asking, "How are there only three of them?"
  • Helena Martin Distoria live at CMJ 2014


    vocals, piano

    Helena Martin wrote and performed as a solo singer-songwriter in NYC for five years before forming Distoria in 2010. Helena writes the songs, plays a MIDI controller and vocal processor, and "makes the keys rock like nobody's business."
  • Mor Mezrich Distoria live at CMJ 2014


    bass, electronics

    Mor Mezrich grew up in Israel, plus California for a few years. As a kid, he loved the Beach Boys, the Beatles, classic rock, and jazz. A Berklee-trained audio engineer, his bass playing and sonic architecture are integral to Distoria's sound.
  • Cody Rahn Distoria at CMJ 2014



    Cody Rahn hits things for a living, loves spicy food and wool hats, and probably drinks too much coffee. He formally studied jazz and classical percussion while spending his nights playing rock shows and obsessing about Frank Zappa.

"demands to be seen live."

- GroundSounds


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